The Smithsonian is coming to Plant City!

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For a while now, I’ve seen these signs and statues while driving around Downtown Plant City.  Have you seen them?

Whenever I saw them, I couldn’t help but think about the FOX tv show Bones where the main characters work at the Smithsonian Institute solving crimes.  A quick stop by the Plant City Photo Archives cleared up any idea of seeing tv stars!


The Journey Stories is part of the Smithsonian Institute Museums on Main Street Traveling Exhibition.  Journey Stories tells the human story of the role of immigration, migration, and transportation in the development of America.  The Journey Stories will be on display starting Saturday, May 26 through Saturday, July 7, 2012.  Admission is free.  While you visit the Photo Archives office, you should take a stroll around downtown Plant City.


There are eight life-size bronze sculptures from the Seward Johnson “Man on the Street” collection on loan from the Sculpture Foundation in Santa Monica, California located in the Union Station/McCall Park area in Downtown Plant City.  The sculptures will be around until end of July.  Many thanks go to all the people involved in bringing both exhibits to Plant City!

Have you ever visited the Smithsonian Museum?

When was the last time you visited a Museum?



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