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  • Parkesdale Market gets an upgrade

    When was the last time you stopped by our market?  If you've come by and seen a lot of heavy machinery keep reading and I'll tell you why...

    The girls have had a lot of fun with all the heavy equipment at the market.  Here's a view of the parking lot in the back area of the market.  As you can tell, we are just getting started.



    Further back some trees were removed to dig a "pond" for water retention/detention.

    Quite a bit of dirt was removed.  Yes, the girls did climb up the dirt mountain.  Probably more times than I care to admit. ;)

    Then came the trucks with crushed asphalt.  That certainly took a while.

    Earlier this year we purchased the adjacent property to the east of our market with plans of expanding our current parking lot.

    Here it is.  Sixteen more parking spots!

    And while we were at it, it only made sense to make our main parking lot a little bit prettier.  Don't you think?

  • Today we are thankful for you...Happy Thanksgiving!

    It's been almost three weeks since I last went on a run.   Gasp!  But sometimes your body needs rest, especially after running an Xterra trail 1/2 marathon race.  If you missed my post, here's a recap.  So, this morning I started with my very own Turkey Trot around the neighborhood.  Great weather for a run if you ask me.  After my run, it was time to get cleaned up and start cooking our usual sides for Thanksgiving lunch at Grandma Parke's.

    I'm thankful my husband enjoys cooking.  He makes the best cranberry sauce ever.  Pretty simple too.  Just add fresh cranberries, water and sugar.

    Stir and continue to stir until the cranberries are broken and it looks like jam.  Yum!  Some recipes call for a splash of orange juice or cinnamon sticks.

    I prefer it this way.  Just cranberries and sugar. :)  Once he was done with the cranberry sauce, I made pan seared asparagus topped with crumbled blue cheese.  You can read about it here.

    Thanksgiving at Grandma Parke's is always so festive.  She really does a great job setting the decorations around the house.  I also like the fact that we celebrate one holiday at a time.  Her Christmas tree doesn't go up till after Thanksgiving.

    There are also great little reminders of how the family has grown.  This was a drawing made by Jordan Parke back in 2006.

    Today, we are thankful for family.  We are also thankful for you, our customers, who in a way are family too.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Strawberry Shortcake...everyone's favorite dessert

    Our business is a seasonal business. But how can I say "seasonal" when the market is open year around? Well, as the largest strawberry and citrus market in Florida, our market is busiest during strawberry season. In the month of October, the farm gets millions of bare root strawberry plants to be planted in our fields. (Yes, you can purchase bare root strawberry plants in bunches at our market). Then we wait. And the phones will start ringing: "Are you serving Strawberry Shortcake yet?". Sadly, we'll respond not yet. Strawberry Shortcake season has always been January thru mid April, which follows the winter season of Florida strawberries.

    For the past few years, we've been able to start our World Famous Strawberry Shortcakes in December. People from all over the world continue to enjoy our fresh Strawberry Shortcakes in our garden every year.

    Another common question we get, is how many berries do we go through in a day. That's a tough one. Some days we'll go through one pallet filled with full flats, other days we'll go through two pallets. This past season from December 2011 to March 2012, 44 tons of fresh Florida Strawberries were used to make strawberry shortcakes and milkshakes. Forty Four tons! That's two dump trucks filled with fresh Florida Strawberries.

    So, now comes the sad part...April brings warmer temperatures, which means the berries will not be able to withstand the Florida heat. This season's last day of Strawberry Shortcake will be April 22, 2012. And why you ask? The answer is simple, you need fresh Florida strawberries to make the best Strawberry Shortcake in the world. Our beloved Strawberry Shortcake will disappear from our menu for a few months. Although, to some customers it may seem like an eternity. Our Summer menu, will bring back fruit filled milkshakes, our tangerine-vanilla swirl ice cream and the Parkesdale Banana Split. But even as tempting as those may sound, we can't deny we'll be missing our Strawberry Shortcake.

    What's your favorite Parkesdale treat? Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Milkshake or both?

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