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  • Heart Rate Training - August Recap

    I admit it.  I had a great time not running.   After running the Iron Girl half marathon in Clearwater in April, I decided to take it slow.  With our increasing summer heat and my disdain for treadmills, it was time for a break.  June and July were for the most part "Run Free" months for me. August came around and I started spinning classes again and before I knew it, my running feet were asking for some pavement.  While I enjoyed my time off from running, I'm so excited to have started training again with a heart rate training plan.


    What's a heart rate training plan?

    A heart rate training plan is a plan where you monitor your heart rate to stay in a specific heart rate zone.  I'm not a medical expert, so I visited a few pages on the internet like this and this.  In the past, my training has always been an adaptation of the many online half marathon running plans. This time, my training won't be that much different.  I plan on running three times a week and if time or energy allows do one more activity (yoga, spinning, weights?) to round out the training. However, I will be paying more attention to my heart rate monitor.

    tempo run

    My heart rate training will be composed of three runs: a long run at a recovery heart rate (70%), tempo/race pace (80-90%) and an interval/speed (90-100%).  I've noticed all my past training runs were done at the interval/speed heart rate.  Not good.  I'm lucky I have not injured myself.  I've completed this 1st week of training following my heart rate and it's been quite interesting.  The hardest thing was running a 13:00 min/mi during my long run.  That was my pace so I can keep my heart rate in the correct zone.  It took everything in me to stay focused and not give up.

    heart rate training

    Having completed my first week of heart rate training, I've found a new love for running.  I've also realized I need to push myself a bit more to meet the heart rates for the tempo/race pace.  I'm looking forward to see how this goes in September!


    Do you exercise with a heart rate monitor? If so, what kind?

    Have you ever tried "Heart Rate Training"?




  • How technology keeps us connected

    As some of you may know, we recently took a trip to San Francisco.  Flying across from coast to coast is no easy endeavor when you have two little ones in tow. Luckily for us, this wasn't the girls' first time flying.  But, it was still the longest "travel day" of their life.  When booking our flights, I decided it would be easier to fly out of Tampa even if it meant we'd have a layover sometime in between.  Again, since we were traveling with the girls, I figured the layover would give us enough time to "explore" a new airport, get something to eat and be on our way.


    With all of the iphone upgrades, we've been lucky to keep two old iphones.  We decided to let the girls use them as an iTouch.  At home, they normally play cut the water or angry birds as well as more "age appropriate games" like Hair Salon and TeamUmi.  They also have access to our Netflix account which allows them to watch their favorite cartoons.  I think Scooby Doo is winning by a long shot.  While we were on our layover on our way to San Francisco, Zoe decided she was missing her babysitter.  I suggested she send a text.  Her eyes lit up at the thought that even though she was hundreds of miles away, she could still reach her.  They texted back and forth for a bit while we waited for our next airplane.  Happy kid = Happy mom.


    Last week, my cousin, who is almost a sister to me moved to South Korea to teach Spanish in an all English private school.  While the thought of visiting her in South Korea is very tempting, I'm pretty sure it is out of our budget.  Thanks to our iphones, we've been able to text almost daily to keep up.  We've also made plans to Skype.

    girls and grandma

    As much as people argue over the changes in Facebook, I'm glad it is still available.  I'm glad it allows me to connect with my family in Puerto Rico.  When I post pictures of the girls, I know my grandparents can see them.  It cracks me up every time I call her to tell her what we've been up to and her response is always, yeah, I saw it on Facebook.  This is my grandma, who was born in the 30s has a handheld smart phone that allows her to keep her family close even if we are separated by the Atlantic Ocean.


    Thanks to social sites such as Twitter, we are able to connect with people we would otherwise never meet.  Before our trip to San Francisco, I tweeted about going to the city.  A few people in the area reached out with recommendations and clothing advice (Thanks @hey_im_kate).  I was also contacted by another FitFluential Ambassador (@pavementrunner).  It was so awesome to meet up and run through the city with a new "friend" who without this technology would never have happened!

    How do you keep connected?

    Do you love Apple or Android products?

  • #whatsbeautiful Redefining the female athlete

    Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Under Armour and FitFluential.  Nonetheless, all opinions are my own.

    What's Beautiful? Under Armour is at it again.  Back in April 2012, I first heard about the #whatsbeautiful Under Armour campaign from my friend Meghann.  I signed up and listed "finish a triathlon" as my goal.

    #whatsbeautiful Under Armour

    I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by the other women on the page.  However, I remember going back to the website and seeing all of these "real-life" women putting it all on the line.  It was very motivating to read about all of the great things these women were doing.  Later that June, I completed my goal of finishing the Dunedin Sprint Triathlon.



    Whether you are a fitness instructor or someone who wants to start an exercise program, I encourage you to check out this community.  Think of it as a place to come together, look for motivation and help others reach their goals.  Think of it as a fitness diary journey.


    We are all beautiful.  Beauty is not just a pretty face.  Being beautiful is being strong.  Being beautiful is being courageous.  Being beautiful is shooting for the stars, never giving up.  Getting up after falling down.  Over the past couple of years, I've finally been able to keep somewhat of a "workout schedule".  I've carved out some "me" time and although it may seem selfish to some, sometimes it's the only time I have to clear my head.  Because with two little ones at home, sometimes even going to the potty is a public event.

    What's in it for you? Do you still need some motivation? Well, every week Under Armour will giveaway "swag bags" to women who are working towards their goals despite what life might be throwing their way.  Not enough? How about after eight weeks, Under Armour will choose the top 10 women who gave it their all making their story the one to follow.  Out of those top 10, three will be chosen for a 4 day trip to Costa Rica to attend the Under Armour yoga and surf retreat.


    Now that I have your attention, all you need to do is follow this link and set up a goal.  It can be something short term or long term.  Remember this is your journey.  Join some teams or create your own team.  Invite your friends or family members to join for a little friendly competition.  Once you've set your goal, show Under Armour how you are achieving this goal.  Show the world what you are made of! #IWill.

    My goal is to complete the Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon in 2:00.  What's your goal?

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