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  • Chocolate Pudding Raspberry Popsicles

    by Xiomara Meeks - I am a big fan of the chocolate raspberry combination.   There's something about the tartness of a raspberry mixed with the sweetness of chocolate that has always held a special place for my taste buds.  While I may be late to the "popsicle" trend this summer, as my mom would say, better late than never.  With that in mind, I give you Chocolate Pudding Raspberry Popsicles.

    I came across these little popsicle makers at Family Dollar on one of my many trips to get supplies for the market.  I knew the girls would love the idea of trying homemade popsicles.  I started a search on Pinterest and after a while decided on taking a shortcut by using already made chocolate pudding and fresh raspberries from the market.

    chocolate raspberry popsicles

    These popsicles were super easy to make and just as delicious.  I started with the chocolate pudding, then dropped a few raspberries in order to have a "layered" effect.  Then topped off with more chocolate pudding and raspberries.  Into the freezer for a few hours.

    chocolate raspberry popsicles


    Here are some great links for other delicious popsicles to try this!

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    Have you tried making popsicles at home?

    What's your favorite fruit to mix with chocolate?

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