Parkesdale Market gets an upgrade

When was the last time you stopped by our market?  If you’ve come by and seen a lot of heavy machinery keep reading and I’ll tell you why…

The girls have had a lot of fun with all the heavy equipment at the market.  Here’s a view of the parking lot in the back area of the market.  As you can tell, we are just getting started.



Further back some trees were removed to dig a “pond” for water retention/detention.

Quite a bit of dirt was removed.  Yes, the girls did climb up the dirt mountain.  Probably more times than I care to admit. 😉

Then came the trucks with crushed asphalt.  That certainly took a while.

Earlier this year we purchased the adjacent property to the east of our market with plans of expanding our current parking lot.

Here it is.  Sixteen more parking spots!

And while we were at it, it only made sense to make our main parking lot a little bit prettier.  Don’t you think?


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