Parkesdale begins planting Radiance strawberries

End of September is an interesting month around the farm/market.  All the preparations for planting the berries are almost completed and its now time to start planting.

Customers have already begun calling wanting to know when they can come by to purchase our bare root strawberry plants.  Other folks will ask us to ship the bare root strawberry plants.  Unfortunately we cannot ship the live bare root strawberry plants.  They are just too sensitive and need to be kept refrigerated.  At the market, we will have the strawberry bare root plans ready for sale in bunches of 25 very soon.

The market will be open 7 days a week starting October 1st.  No more Mondays off until May.  That’s how we now strawberry season has begun!


This year we’ve started planting our very own Radiance strawberries grown in our Georgia facility.  The Radiance berries made their debut last season and they were phenomenal.  Bright, elongated strawberry, red all the way through and sweet as can be!


As a child, I remember driving by pineapple and sugar cane fields.  In fact, I remember stopping on side of the road stands selling pineapples, coconuts or sugar cane.  While I attended UF, as part of the soil science program, we visited a mushroom and carrot farm in North Central Florida.  These are my early memories of farming.  It seems funny to me to have ended up in a farming family.



But for now, we wait…hope and pray for sunny days and cool nights, no droughts and no freezes.  That’s the life of a farmer.


How many of you have ever been to a strawberry field?  Or for that matter any type of agricultural land.


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