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  • Ultimate Blog Party 2014

    Hi everyone and welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party 2014! My name is Xiomara and my husband's family owns Parkesdale Market.  We have two little girls who are very energetic, and have developed quite an interesting sense of humor.  Together we are trying to figure it all out.

    blog party

    This is my first time participating in the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 minutes for mom.  The purpose of the Ultimate Blog Party is to meet other bloggers who might be of interest to you.  So here's a little bit about me.

    I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and I moved to Florida when I was in High School.  After High School, I attended the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Yay, Go Gators!  So excited to see the Basketball team make it to the Final Four.  At the University of Florida, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources and Conservation.  If you ever wondered why I love plants, and being outside, this would be why.

    After UF, I moved to South Florida, where I met my husband.  While I was there, I attended the Florida Atlantic University and I earned a Master's degree in Geology.  Yeah, rocks are not just for jocks, you know.  It was quite a shock going from a big university to a smaller one, but I'm happy to say the professors, students and facilities were top  notch.  Go Owls!

    Now my schedule is full with the girls' activities and trying to keep fit.  It's busy for sure but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I use this blog to keep accountability of my eating and running habits.  You can also read about our family outings.  You can follow me on twitter, instagram or pinterest!  See you soon!

  • Running Recap and April Instagram Challenge

    At the beginning of March, I joined FitFluential's challenge to run/walk 100 miles in March.  And while I kept my schedule of going to the Y a couple of times a week to run, I also purchased a pedometer to keep track of my daily steps.  I never knew exactly how active I was during the day.  It was definitively a surprise to see my daily steps anywhere between 2 and 3 miles!  While I had many blunders with my Sportline pedometer during the challenge, I'm pleased to announce that I reached my goal of 100 miles in March!  Now that the challenge is over, I'm wishing I had a Jawbone or a FitBit to keep better track.


    As  I mentioned before, I'd like to participate in some trail races this year and I intend to get serious about my training just as soon as this nagging cough goes away!  Now that the #FFMarchMiles challenge is over, let me introduce a fun April Instagram challenge by the Tampa Bay Bloggers.


    All you have to day is take a daily picture following the daily prompts and tag it with #AprilPics and #TBB.  No prizes this time, just a fun way to meet and follow new peeps!


    Another fun thing going on in April is the Ultimate Blog Party starting April 4 - 11.  The #UBP14 is sponsored by the wonderful ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom.  This will be my first time participating in Ultimate Blog Party.  Even if you don't have a blog you can still participate by meeting and visiting new blogs.

    Do you have a FitBit or Jawbone? How do you like it?

    Do you have an Instagram account? Do you participate in photochallenges?

  • Bay Area Renaissance Festival

    Did you know the Bay Area Renaissance Festival has been going on for 36 years? We've been wanting to go for years, and finally we were able to go yesterday.  The weather was so nice I knew I wanted to spend the day outside with the family.  After a quick search on google, I found out about the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa.  So, off to Tampa we headed.  The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is located adjacent to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry).


    This was the girls' first time attending a Renaissance Festival.  Between all the games and the shopping the girls were definitively not ready to go home.


    I was amazed by the amount of vendors and games at this festival.  We got there around 2 pm and did not see everything there was to see.  I suggest you get there early and bring your walking shoes.


    As usual, face painting is still a must at any park or festival activity.  Further down, there was a Henna Tattoo tent.  I think next year, they might be asking for those instead.  Oh no.  They really do grow up quick.


    I was most exited about attending our First ever Royal Tea with the Queen.  For an additional $15 per person, you could attend the Queen's Royal Tea Party.  The Tea Party was in a special tent with the Queen's Court.  We had tea of course, hot or iced.  The Tea party began with a delicious sconce.  We then had the choice of chicken salad or crab salad on a croissant.  And we finished with some delicious bite size cake pieces.  Between the entertainment and the food, I thought it was totally worth it!  We purchased our discounted festival tickets at Walgreens to save $3 before heading to the Festival.  You can also purchase discount tickets online and at Subway.

    Do you like attending Renaissance Festivals?

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