About Parkesdale Market

The legacy that is now known as Parkesdale Farms began when company founder R.E. (Roy) Parke, Jr. emigrated from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1924 with his family.  Roy’s father continued to pursue a vocation in farming after arriving in America.  In 1956, the family relocated to Plant City, FL, which was recognized throughout the country as a prime location for growing winter vegetables and strawberries.  Thus the first 10 acres of Parkesdale strawberry crops had been planted.

Over the years, Roy ans his own family took on the farm with a zest for hard work and a keen knowledge of agriculture business practices.  They expanded the farm into hundreds of acres of the finest strawberries, citrus and vegetables available anywhere in the country.  Parkesdale also added their own plant nurseries, which hold four extensive greenhouses, where they produce over a million vegetables and flowering plants annually.

In February 1969, Roy and Helen Parke opened our Parkesdale Farm Market as another outlet to sell locally grown strawberries and other seasonal vegetables.  In 1978, Roy’s daughter Cheryl and her husband Jim Meeks relocated from sunny South Florida to work alongside Cheryl’s parents at the Market.  Jim and Cheryl can still be found at the Market talking to customers daily.  What began as a small farm market has continued to grow and expand into the largest Strawberry Citrus and Produce Market in Florida!

In September 2009, we decided to follow the family tradition and return to Plant City. It’s been a learning curve for all of us, but nonetheless it’s been a lot of fun! We are located at 3702 W Baker St, Plant City, FL 33563. From May to September, the market is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. From October to April, the market is open all 7 days (Monday to Sunday) from 9 am to 6 pm. You may contact us directly at 888-311-1701.

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