#GoGoPlayfully with GoGo Squeez

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The following post is sponsored by GoGo Squeez.

My first experience with GoGo Squeez was at Publix.  As a working mom, I often go grocery shopping after picking up the girls from after school-care. By this time, they are already tired and hungry.  One day while we were roaming the aisles I noticed the green little boxes of GoGo Squeez apple sauce. It was like a lightbulb had gone off in my head.  I immediately grabbed them and offered one to my girls.  I must say that we are not an “apple sauce” kind of family, but the fun packaging won my girls over.  Win Win.  They girls enjoyed a healthy snack and I got a couple of peaceful minutes to finish the grocery shopping!



Look for the GoGo Squeez Squad showing up in 11 cities across the country, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Aspen, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas and the Bay Area on January 11th.  In addition, they are making 1:11 the official GoGo time for pop up playfulness in each U.S. time zone, so stay tuned to Facebook the week of January 5th for clues on how to get in on the Play Day kick-offs in each time zone.

So have fun and #GoGoPlayfully!  For more ideas check out their website here.




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