Fajita Chicken

While reading a friend’s blog, I came across the Paleo Diet concept.  Without reading much about it, the Paleo Diet looks a lot like the Atkins Diet.  I found this Paleo Chicken Fajitas from Paleo Diet Lifestyle and decided to give it a try.  I’ve been looking for a way to make fajitas without buying the pre-made packages because they are often full of sodium and preservatives.

This recipe also called for coconut oil, but you can use any type of oil you have on hand.  Recently I read about the benefits of coconut oil, so I purchased some from the corner store in Plant City.  If you are a fan of coconut, be careful.  This stuff is delicious.

I pretty much halved the original recipe because I was cooking  half the amount of chicken.

The only changes I made:

  • no garlic cloves
  • added 1 container bella mushrooms

I served the “Fajita Chicken” with yellow rice and a green salad.  Not really following the Paleo principles, but tasty nonetheless.  We had mixed reviews with this recipe.  My daughter loved it and even asked for more.  My husband wasn’t a fan.  He mentioned the chicken had a slight bitterness to it.  I’m thinking maybe next time we try it with lime juice instead of lemon juice.

  •  Did you know about the Paleo Diet?
  • Have you tried cooking/baking with Coconut Oil?
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  1. Andi reyes says:

    I follow 90% of the paleo diet, can’t give up the cheese though. Eliminating sugars and refined carbs have made my frequent migraines a thing of the past. Eating paleo has become normal for me now but it does make it hard to follow when the rest of the family isn’t on the same page.

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