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  • Vacation Coming Up!

    It's that time of year when the market closes for our yearly vacation! This year, the market will be closed from Monday, August 4 to Monday, August 18th.  The market will reopen promptly at 9 am on Tuesday, August 19th.


    We hope to get some rest and finish up some of the summer projects we've started.  And we look forward to seeing all your happy faces on Tuesday!

  • Biking in your city

    Do you own a bike?  Have you ever thought about biking through your city, not just your neighborhood?  Well, I only recently started using my bike again to take the girls to the playground in our neighborhood.  However, after watching Mia Birk's Ted Talk, I decided I would "join the challenge" to replace one automobile trip with a bike trip.

    So, I've been driving around Plant City running my normal errands looking for sidewalks and bike lanes.  Luckily, I live in Walden Lake, so I knew I could use the bike/walk path within the development.  The question then, was what do I do once I'm outside of Walden Lake.  How long would it take?  Would I be ok?  There was only one way to find out.  So today, I decided to try it out.


    I had to go by Lowe's and I forgot to buy spring salad mix while I was out shopping.  Two quick stops about 3 miles away from my house each way.  For sure I could do it, I mean I've ran a half marathon before, right?  Funny thing was that after five minutes in the bike, I started double guessing myself.  Could I make it there and back? I have a working automobile, why am I riding a bike?

    Honestly, after 15 minutes went by, and I was outside of Walden Lake, I stopped double guessing myself.  I chose to ride on the sidewalk just to be on the safe side.  I made it to Lowe's in about 30 minutes.  Yes, it took longer than if I would have driven.  It would have taken about 10 minutes to get there if I drove.  But this way, I was getting in my "workout".  How many times have you thought about working out, just to find out you "don't" have time to get to the gym.  Well, I'm here to tell you, you do have time.  Just run an errand or two by bike.  Your whole perception will change.  I promise.


    I saw these pretty flowers while biking.  I enjoyed the sun and wind on my skin.  It was totally worth it.  So, here's my trip comparison.  It did take 30 minutes longer to go by bike, but I ended up biking for 55 minutes!  Let's say, after finishing the errands by car I stopped by the gym.  To keep the same time, my workout would have been 30 minutes instead of 55!

    biking in plant city

    Next weekend, I'm going to try to ride my bike to the market.  Wish me luck!Next weekend, I'm going to try to ride my bike to the market.  Wish me luck!  Let's keep the conversation going.  I'd love to know your thoughts!

    Do you own a bike?

    Would you run errands in your bike if you could?

    What keeps you from riding your bike?

  • Whistle Stop Chili

    We've had the Whistle Stop Chili at the market for a few years now.  A while back I brought a box home to try, but never got around to it.  While searching the kitchen cabinet, I found the box and finally decided to give it a go.  When I told my husband I was making chili at 5 o'clock, he instantly got a look on his face.  He also told me it was impossible to make good chili in such a short amount of time.  Little did he know, I had the Whistle Stop Chili starter.

    chili starter

    This dish dates back to the 1880s as a "poor people's food" and it all started in San Antonio, TX.  It was said the dish had as much pepper as chunks of meat.  Interestingly enough, chili is mostly served as an appetizer or side dish in today's restaurants.

    I followed the recipe on the back and cut it by half for the amount of meat I had.  I don't like red kidney beans, so I used Cannellini beans instead.  Cannellini beans are white kidney beans and I find them to be a bit creamier than their red kidney bean relative.  They are great in soups, stews and even in salads.  If you've never tried them, click here for 12 different ways to cook Cannellini beans.


    We had some roasted butternut squash leftovers, so I added it to our bowls and topped with cheddar cheese.  For the girls, I mashed the butternut squash in their bowls first, then added the chili.  They didn't even notice!  They enjoyed eating their meal and even asked for seconds.  Enjoy!


    Do you sneak veggies in your children's plates?

    How do you make your chili?

    Do you have a favorite bean?

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