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  • 100% Fresh Pressed Apple Cider from PA available now...

    For the past month, I've been pestering asking my husband for apple cider.  You see, eight years ago, we visited Connecticut in the fall for our friends' wedding.  While we were visiting, we ventured to a local apple orchard and had the best apple cider ever.  This was our first time at an apple orchard.  Needless to say, we came back home with a ton of apples!


    Now every October, when our friends celebrate their wedding anniversary I also remember our visit to the apple orchard and that wonderful apple cider.  Our new apple guy has been bringing us some amazingly fresh apples from Pennsylvania.  As luck would have it, he was able to get us some of this wonderfully fresh 100% pressed apple cider.


    100% fresh pressed Apple Cider from Country Acres, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.


    Have you ever cooked with apple cider? Me neither.  Until I found this recipe from Rachel Ray.  The recipe calls for making your own apple sauce.  I skipped that step.  Instead, I just used two small containers of already made apple sauce.  I warmed it up with minced ginger and sprinkled it with nutmeg and cinnamon to taste.  Rachel Ray's recipe calls for apple juice to deglaze the pan.  I chose our apple cider instead! And of course, I used our Troyer real butter.  Instead of salt and pepper, I used our Everglades Seasoning.


    I served the apple sauce on the side for dipping, and pour the pan sauce over the pork chop.   I've never been a real fan of the pork and apple sauce combination until now.  The pan sauce was delicious.  It was salty and sweet and very flavorful.  The mixture of real butter and fresh apple cider in the pan sauce made our dinner taste kinda like apple pie!  But in a good way.  A very savory apple pie.

    P.S. In case you are wondering, the salad is from ABC Pizza.  They make a great Greek salad. ;)


    Have you ever cooked dinner with apple juice or cider?


  • Now taking Gift Fruit orders for Thanksgiving arrival...

    It’s that time again.  Our Gift Fruit Brochures should be arriving in your mailboxes shortly.  We’re very excited to be able to provide our wonderful Florida Citrus at the same prices as last year!  Our first Gift Fruit packages are scheduled to arrive the week of Thanksgiving.  Surprise your family and friends with the Best Florida Gift Fruit!


    For big families, our full bushel of Navel Oranges or Ruby Red Grapefruits is always a big hit.  The Full Bushel consists of four trays of #1 Florida Citrus.  Whether you choose all Navels, all Ruby Red Grapefruits or a mixed package, you can rest assured your gift fruit will reach them in perfect condition.  Only the best, juiciest and sweetest Florida fruit makes it in our gift fruit boxes.



    For smaller families, our Parkesdale Sampler makes everyone happy.  The Parkesdale Sampler has Navels, Nova Tangelos and Ruby Red Grapefruit, all in one pretty gift fruit package.  This is a great Florida citrus combination guaranteed to please!  If you've never tasted our Nova Tangelos you better get ready.  They are a mouthwatering sweet and juicy combination of a tangerine and a grapefruit!



    Over the years, our customers have asked for packages mixing tangerines with navels.  We are finally able to do it!  These gift fruit packages are made up of one, two, three or four trays mixing the juiciest and sweetest Florida Navels and Tangerines.

    We’ve been in the gift fruit industry for over 30 years.  All of our Gift Fruit packages are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We stand behind our products and if you are not satisfied completely, we’ll be happy to replace or refund your purchase.  So this Holiday Season let us help you with your Holiday shopping.  You can contact us at 888-311-1701, on the web at www.parkesdale.com or stop by and visit us!

  • Freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Navels and Tangerines...oh my!

    You know it’s fall when the front tables in the market are filled with Florida citrus.  Back in August, I posted this picture on Facebook.

    I couldn’t believe all the comments!  I must say it was pretty awesome to see y’alls reactions.  And as promised, Dad has been working non-stop putting the pieces together.  I honestly believe there is nothing this guy can't fix!


    After countless hours of tinkering, we are happy to report Dad has completed reconstructing the new orange grading machine. Yay!  Thank you Dad!

    We’ve started grading Navels, Amber Sweet and Fall Glow Tangerines.  The Navels are packaged in 5-pound bags and ¼ bushels.  Prices for the Navels are as follow: $1.59 for a 5-pound bag and $3.49 for ¼ bushels.  As the Navels become more plentiful, we’ll start packaging them in ½ bushels.

    The Amber Sweet Oranges and Fall Glow Tangerines are packaged in 5-pound bags to prevent bruising.  All Tangerines are $1.49.



    In case you are wondering, we've started making our 100% freshly squeezed orange juice.  If you've never tried our orange juice, I highly recommend it.  Our orange juice is made with 100% Florida Oranges and it is freshly squeezed every day.   It is unpasteurized, and has no additives or preservatives.  Give it a try.  You’ll be hooked!


    Have you ever tried our Orange Juice?  Did you know we make freshly squeezed OJ?


    What’s your favorite Florida citrus?



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