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  • It's Summer Time at Parkesdale

    If you are a long time customer, then you know when summer rolls around our hours change.  Starting May 1st, our hours of operation change to Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.  During the summer we are closed on Mondays.  In addition, we will be closing for Father's Day on Sunday, June 16th.

    While we are well known for our strawberries, one of our summer crops is "pickles" or pickling cucumbers.  These "pickles" are grown right here in Plant City.  They are about half the size of a regular cucumber and twice as crunchy.  Our cashiers love to snack on them with Trenchas Chile Powder and lots of lime juice.  But you better hurry because our pickle season is about to end.  So give them a try before they are gone.



    Another great thing about summers at Parkesdale is the Summer Fruit!  A few weeks ago we had Florida peaches and they were phenomenal.  Not as big as Georgia Peaches, but just as sweet, if not juicier.  Georgia peaches are just coming in and they are deliciously sweet.

    photo (91)

    Cherries from the west coast are also starting to show up.  This week we've had the mixed batch of yellow and red cherries.


    And not to be forgotten, watermelons are here.  Whether you prefer sangrias or seedless watermelons, we have a large variety of sizes.  Personally, I prefer honeydews to cantaloupes, but they've both been super juicy and sweet.  At our market, we always have samples of our honeydews and cantaloupes to reassure you of our quality products.

    honeydews cantaloupes

    I know you are all missing our strawberry shortcake because I miss them too.  But during the summer our "shortcake area" brings out a new menu.  Our Summer Menu includes banana splits, sundaes, ice cream cones, kid treats and fruit-filled milkshakes.

    Banana Split

    Get ready to try the best banana split you've ever had for only $2.59 (plus tax).  We start with a sweet banana and three cups of vanilla ice cream, then we top the ice cream with strawberries, pineapples and chocolate syrup, plus whipped cream and peanuts.  It's almost a meal all by itself!  We have a variety of sundaes available: strawberry, chocolate, hot fudge and caramel for $1.99 (plus tax).  For the kid in you, we have ice cream cones with either chocolate, vanilla or swirl.  We also have tangerine ice cream cones!  Either flavor combination is 99 cents.

    Oreo kid treat

    We have a few options for the kids.  Our newest addition is a kid "Dirt Cup" for $1.29 (plus tax).   Your kid can pick their ice cream flavor (chocolate, vanilla, tangerine, swirl), then our staff will load their "Dirt Cup" with crumbled Oreo cookies and top it with gummy worms!  We also have a "Cookies and Cream" ice cream cup with either sugar wafers or chocolate chip cookies.  For only $1.29 (plus tax), it's a great treat for your "cookie monster"!


    My favorite part of the Summer Menu is all of our fruit-filled milkshakes.  You know we are already famous for our Strawberry milkshake, but did you know we make coconut, banana, mango, blueberry, pineapple, orange and peach milkshakes?  If you haven't tried our blueberry milkshake, I suggest you stop by soon before they are gone!  They are only available for a limited time while local blueberries are available.  And just for fun, what's summertime without an apple pie.  Yes, we created an apple pie milkshake!  So, while we may not have our strawberry shortcake, there are a lot of new things to try.


    When was the last time you stopped by for an ice cream treat?

    What's your favorite fruit filled milkshake?

    What's your favorite summer fruit?

  • Strawberry Cookies at Yelptucky Derby

    Do you Yelp?  Yelp is an online community where customers can leave reviews of their experiences at almost any business.  Whether you are looking for a new place to eat in your town, or you are visiting a new town, Yelp has tons of helpful reviews to stir you in the right direction.  We were invited by Yelp Tampa Bay to their Yelptucky Derby event on Friday April 26th at the Winthrop Barn Theatre in Riverview.  Amy and Chef Gary, owners of Wimauma in Tampa, hosted the event.


    winthrop barn theatre, strawberry cookies Winthrop Barn Theatre photo courtesy of yelp.com

    This was our second visit to the Winthrop Barn.  In early April, Amy invited us to Chef Gary’s French Country Dinner at the Winthrop Barn.  The dinner consisted of four courses: fresh green salad with a poached egg, Pork sausage with wilted spinach, grits and feta cheese, a second main course of red wine braised duck leg with lentil Brussels sprouts, apples and L’Orange sauce and a pickled peach clafoutis with basil Chantilly.

    Winthrop Barn, strawberry cookies French Country Dinner

    Every dish was perfectly executed.  Just amazing.  The braised duck leg with L’Orange sauce and the basil Chantilly were my favorite.  I will never forget either dish.  I almost licked the sauce off the plate with my finger.  That Basil Chantilly, so delicately sweetened, is what I would imagine a cloud would taste like.  They are hosting another theme dinner at the Winthrop Barn this Wednesday, May 1st at 6:30pm.  Here’s a link for more information.  If you are available, you should really check them out.

    Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 7.39.47 PM

    Along with Chef Gary’s offerings, other local restaurants were sampling their food: Pelagia Trattatoria, Hula Bay, Eats, Fred’s Market and the corner store.

    Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 7.40.10 PM

    Hula Bay had some amazing ceviche and my favorite sushi roll made with cucumber instead of rice.  Fred’s Market was sampling their grits with salmon and field green salad.  I didn’t get a chance to try the dish, but everyone was raving about it.

    photo_1 Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies

    And you know what other people were raving about???? Our Strawberry Cookies!!!! Most people at the event had never heard of our famous cookies.  I almost felt like the cookie fairy.  These people would take one bite and immediately smile.  They couldn’t believe how fresh they tasted.  By the end of the night, people were coming back to our booth to get some cookies to go.  Mission accomplished!


    If you are still on the fence about our strawberry cookies, you better hurry.  We only have the cookies seasonally and we’ll probably have them for another week or so.

    Have you used yelp before? 

    Have you had our cookies?

  • Flower Garden in Florida

    It's the perfect time of the year to visit our greenhouse! This is the month when we get the prettiest flowers for your garden.  Walking into the greenhouse and seeing all of the beautiful hues of pink, lavender, red, orange, yellow and blue put a smile on my face everyday.  In order to have a successful flower garden, you must know your garden's sun pattern.  Does the flower garden area get the morning sun or the afternoon shade?  Let's start with the sun-loving plants for your flower garden.

    Sun Loving Flower Garden

    If you love yellow flowers, then you can't go wrong with these Bush Daisies in your flower garden.  Make sure to give them enough space when planting because they'll definitively spread into a beautiful bush.  Very easy to take care off, they just need to be regularly watered when first planting.  Once they are established, they'll be fine with weekly waterings.  They do love sun, so make sure they get plenty of it.

    Flower Garden Bush Daisies

    Another showy flower is the "Cleome" or Spider Flower.  Cleome is available in white, pink and beautiful fuscia bringing amazing color to your flower garden.  This flowering plant is an annual and it will bloom from now until fall.  They are native to South America, which makes them great drought tolerant plants for Florida weather.

    Flower Garden Cleome or Spider Flower


    Once you decide where to put your flower garden, make sure to figure out how much sun that area gets daily.  The amount of sun your garden gets will define what type of flowers will survive.  Make sure to water your newly planted flowers daily until they are fully established.  Depending on flower type and the soil conditions of your garden, after two to three weeks, you may need to change your watering schedule.  Here are some resources for gardening in Florida:


    Bed Preparation is the key to successful flowers and vegetables


    Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook

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