Bare Root Strawberry Plants are here!

While our weather is still reminiscing of summer, high temperatures and afternoon showers, a quick walk around our market will surely have you thinking about the upcoming fall season. Most importantly, our strawberry plants are finally here! This year we have the Winterstar variety, which is an early berry with the traits of the Radiance and Festival strawberry. Strawberry plants are now available in bunches of 25 for $6.98.  The bare root strawberry plants need to be kept refrigerated until you are ready to plant them.  So, when you come to the market just ask one of our cashiers for the plants.  They’ll gladly get them wrapped up and ready for you to take home.

If you are looking for a great patio plant, then you should look at the Pitcher Plant baskets. These “carnivorous” plants not only look good, but they will trap bugs in their pitchers and bring you more enjoyment out of your patio. Pitcher plants are fairly easy to take care of. They must be kept in a shade/diffuse light environment, so no full sun. Most importantly, please remember to keep some water in their pitchers. Otherwise, the pitchers will dry and shrivel out.

If you are looking for an easy, plant with lots of color, then “Chenille” is the plant for you. Did you know the word Chenille is French for Caterpillar? That’s because this plant has these fuzzy worm like red flowers. These plants are great for zone 9 and warmer. In the event of a quick frost or freeze, the plant will regenerate in the spring. Chenille can tolerate full or partial sun, making it a very easy plant for our Florida conditions.

Colleen has been busy at her greenhouse too. Right now, we have quite a few varieties of tomato plants (Big Boy, Better Boy, Toma Verde) and pepper plants (Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Thai). These are available in 4 in pots for $2.98 each.  If you are planning on preparing your fall garden, make sure to pick up some of our gardening soil too!

And of course, it wouldn’t be fall without some Mums. We’ve got a great variety of Mums: big 12” pots and small 6” pots. They are available in white, yellow and orange. Be on the look out for all the annuals coming soon as well as other vegetable plants for your garden.


When was the last time you walked through our garden?

Do you plant a fall garden? If so, what do you normally plant?

Have you ever seen the Pitcher Plants?

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3 Responses to Bare Root Strawberry Plants are here!

  1. Jessica says:

    So pretty! Too bad I kill plants. LOL

  2. olivette fisher says:

    Do you sell Radiance bare root strawberry plants to ship to brownsville tx?

    thank you

    Olivette P. Fisher

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