A little comparison shopping on the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!   Nothing screams summer like a fourth of July celebration.  You can smell the cookouts walking down the street in my neighborhood.  You can hear all the kids running around in a game of tag.  Today, we are fortunate to celebrate our freedom in the great nation that is the United States of America.  To celebrate, we decided to make an American Flag Cake.  I think this might become a tradition in our household.

FYI: I rarely ever bake, so anytime I do the girls usually take over the decoration detail.  The girls just had so much fun placing the fruit on top of the cake!  In order to make the cake I had to run to our local grocery store to pick up blueberries.  I’d also forgotten to pick up veggies for a veggie tray for today’s cookout.

A quick trip to the grocery store to pick up mushrooms, bananas, baby carrots, bell peppers, blueberries, grape tomatoes, radishes, broccoli and celery.  Grand total $19.07.  Customers often tell us how our prices are so great and while picking out the veggies, I couldn’t help but think about the prices at our market.  Those same veggies would have cost $11.99 at our market!  But I think the biggest shock was the bunch of radishes.  There were about 8 or 10 radishes in that bunch for $1.49.  We sell the radishes in a quart size ziploc bag with about double the radishes for 99 cents!

I hope you enjoy today with your family and friends.  We surely did!


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