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Growing pickles

Yes, you read it right. Growing pickles. Parkesdale Farms is best known for growing strawberries, but did you know that we also grow pickles? Pickling cucumbers are grown by seed in the months shortly after strawberry season is over.

The picture above was taken approximately a month ago. About 50 acres have been planted and the fields are full of yellow little blooms waiting to grow into a "pickle". If you look closely to the yellow flower on the left, you can see a little cucumber growing.
If you haven't tried our homegrown pickles, you should. They are everything a cucumber should be. They have a fragrant scent, crunchy and crisp taste. Easy to eat just by itself, or sliced with homemade ranch dressing. That's how Grandma Parke makes them. :)

Have you tried Parkesdale's homegrown pickles yet?

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