Parkesdale Christmas Gift Guide

With only twenty more days until Christmas, I thought it was time to showcase some of our favorite things here at Parkesdale!  Without further ado, here’s Parkesdale Christmas Gift Guide:

Strawberry Cookies Gift Basket


Gift Basket

Our Strawberry Cookies Gift Basket offers a beautiful Holiday theme metal tin full with our delicious home made Strawberry Cookies, Strawberry Bread and our famous Strawberry Preserves.  This basket retails for $33.90 (includes shipping in the continental US).

Taste of Parkesdale

Taste of Parkesdale

The Taste of Parkesdale features our five signature items.  Have you heard of Strawberry Butter?  Our seedless Strawberry butter is delicious on toast or a bagel.  Our No Sugar Added strawberry preserves is made with whole strawberries.  And who can’t resist our cutest jar, our famous Strawberry Preserves are a long time family favorite.  New to the mix are our Strawberry Salsa with its’ surprising kick and chunks of berries and our Strawberry Dressing.  This gift retails for $45.90 (includes shipping) and can be gift wrapped in a basket.


Red Navels

Red Navels

Our “Beauty of the Ball”, these deliciously juicy red navels are only available in December.  Their sweet taste will have you begging for more.  Starting at $31.95 (plus $10.95 shipping) these would make the perfect gift for small and big families alike.

Parkesdale Sampler

Christmas Gift Guide


If you are looking for variety at a great price, then look no further.  Our Parkesdale Sampler comes with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and Nova Tangelos for $25.95 (plus $10.95 shipping).

In the spirit of Christmas, we will give away one of these items to four lucky readers!  Enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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by Xiomara (182 Posts)

Hi! I'm Xiomara. My love for strawberries started at a young age. As a child growing up in Puerto Rico, eating strawberries was a special treat. Fast forward to 2007, we packed our home and moved to Plant City, the winter strawberry capital of the world.



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16 Responses to “Parkesdale Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Kat says:

    I need to stay away from those DELICIOUS cookies!!

  2. Renee says:

    What great gifts! The strawberry cookies gift basket is my favorite.

  3. The taste of Parkesdale sounds awesome!

  4. Anything packed full of Strawberries is a win in my book. They go so well with every meal in the day.

  5. Karlise says:

    Taste of Parkesdale!

  6. Meghan R says:

    I would love the Strawberry Cookies Gift Basket!

  7. stacy says:

    Love the cookie basket!!

  8. Gina M. says:

    The cookies look soooooooo delicious but I’m a sucker for citrus. Would LOVE to win the Parksdale Sampler!

  9. JoAnne Applegate says:

    Love this place!

  10. I’d like the Taste of Parkesdale. I’d love to try the strawberry butter. It sounds delicious.

  11. Jennette says:

    I love oranges at Christmas time!! Making a pomander with oranges and cloves is one of my favorite traditions.

  12. Looks like all of my healthy favorite foods! I’m in!

  13. Strawberry Cookies Gift Basket! yummmm

  14. Jina says:

    I’m really tempted by the strawberry cookies because I hear such wonderful things, but I’d love the red navels.

  15. Run DMT says:

    These are such fantastic gifts! I need to order one of these for my grandmother.

  16. Sweet AND Healthy .. I call that a win-win! Happy Holidays!

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