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Welcome to Parkesdale

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We have received many fruit packages but your produce and service is the best. Each item was in perfect condition and delicious.
-K. Reynolds, Belleville, IL

Fruit was fresh and tasty. I only hope we get more. Thanks.
-L. Patrick, Loganton, PA

I live in Minnesota now and these oranges and grapefruit remind me of home. :) Very yummy fruit!!
-Land-Otis Family, Rosemount, MN

I am surprised at how nice they are considering the weather before/during harvest. The postman even brought them inside the porch so they would not freeze.
-A. Knoll, Slatington, PA

I really enjoy the Honeybells. They are so sweet and nice and arrived in fine shape.
-D. King, Hamburg, NY

This was a Mother's Day Gift from my son and family and the fruit was very sweet and tasty.
-A. Schmit, Henderson NV

The Honeybells are wonderful, so sweet and juicy. Each one was perfect. We are really enjoying them. Thanks.
-M. Smith, Russell Springs, KY

I went to Parkesdale Farm today and had the best Strawberry Shortcake and ice cream. The service was also exemplary. Just wanted you to know.
-B. Baugh

This March, my wife and I, along with another couple from Lakeland stopped at your farm market for some fruit and one of your famous strawberry sundaes. We had one of your strawberry boats and everyone agreed that they were delicious. I couldn’t believe the amount of strawberries that were in that boat. I just keep talking about it. Keep up the good work.
-E. Claycomb

Having only been here in Plant City for 9 ½ years, I am very proud to say I am from Plant City and we have the best strawberries in the U.S. People do not believe your strawberry shortcake, how big it is, but I haul out my photo album and it never fails to amaze them.
-E. Bitz

To all the swell folks at Parkesdale. New to Florida from New York we decided to make this state our new home. We found your market after visiting Plant City and have been coming ever since. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I get there. The vegetables and fruits are great. The friendly workers make it a joy to shop there. Good luck and God Bless all.
-W. Lalen

My stepchildren and my fellow workers thank you profusely for the avalanche of strawberry cookies, as do I. That was very sweet of you. And delicious too. I’ll be there sometime this spring for shortcake. Have a great festival and thanks again.
-S. Millburg

What a surprise—St. Patrick’s Day and I get a treat of the fabulous “Parkesdale Strawberry Shortcake” as well as my wife and two friends from Evansville Indiana who are visiting. Of course I had some explaining to do when we found a table where we could consume our shortcake. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would get treated to “Free” shortcake just by reminding you of your comment that day my fide asked you if you dreamed of strawberries at night. Thank you so much, you certainly know how to make and old man happy. We really enjoyed your generosity. It will be remembered each St. Patrick’s Day.
-A. Appel